Thursday, October 13, 2011

A new victory for the committee for decency !!

How disgusting it was to find these explicit pictures under MY roof! And how disappointing to find it in the room of my virtuous son!  But later in the evening I convinced him to tell me where he had found these adult magazines (or maybe it was my hairbrush that convinced him? Anyway). The following morning we went to the news stand and I skipped the queue to tell two words to the owner. How did he dare to break the law by selling these evil magazines to my 19 years old son? They reveal far too much of the female body for non-adultsSo either he would totally stop selling all these obscene magazines, or I will denounce him and he may have to close the shop. Guess what? You can’t find these magazines in our town anymore. And I’ve heard the local Committee for Values and Decency will reward me with a porcelain tea set next Sunday!

Thank you for this testimony Dear Madame !


  1. Good for this mother for not allowing her son to fall into depravity. She will have to keep heres eyes, and her hairbrush, on him at all times, however, to keep him a good boy.

  2. I do admire this mother for takig action and finding out where these Mags came from!
    I have had trouble with my boy when he came back from a trip to a big City .I naturally looked in his case and found a supply of cigarettes ,which he tried bring into our house !
    He was soundly spanked on his bare bottom even though he was 19 years old! I do not shrink from taking his underpants off, even in front of visitors!
    This time he had two of these disgraceful magazines hidden inside the lining! I immediately undressed him and got the feared bath brush ,after calling our house keeper to come and hold him over an arm of our couch!
    How he yelled when I used that bath brush on his bare botttom and thighs! I think he will not try that again ! Firm action is essential if we are to stamp out these unhealthy activities!
    Diane (Mrs)

  3. Always good to hear from people with a bit of morality ! Thank you both

    Yes firm action is essential as you said Diane, otherwise the lust only grows. " if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell. " (Matt 5:27-30)