Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dear members, your attention please...

To all our dear members: please note the meeting will start at 2pm next Sunday, instead of 4pm. Many cases have to be judged such as kissing ostensibly in the main street, mocking the statues of our Presidents, skipping Church, and a bottle of whisky found in a prom evening (6 people suspected, all to be punished if they don't denounce the guilty person). Thank you for your attention.


  1. Harriet Marwood's granddaughterOctober 21, 2011 at 3:04 PM

    News of the upcoming trials and punishments traveled fast. An unusual number of prim and proper ladies turned up, not all of them members of the congregation. To their surprise, their daughters have all insisted on coming along and even asked for permission to bring their girfriends. There was much jockeying for position among the girls for seats as near the front as possible. What a heartwarming sight, this sudden yearning for decency and purity.
    One Mammone arriving with his mama had to be quietly warned by her to stop making a fuss and take his seat quietly - beside her of course - and to stop ogling those noisy girls. Or else, one word from mama and he would find himself among those about to be tried.

  2. Never diched church....that would have been the end.

  3. Thee naughty mothers will find their sons awaiting them in church. Whereupon they will be upturned upon the altar, their dresses raised high, with knicker's taken down and spanked upon their bare bottoms. So be it.

  4. Boys and girls spanked together, that's something new and interesting! There aren't many pictures like this on the net!