Sunday, March 4, 2018

Your OTK ( is coming soon )


Just to let you know that I had fun this week-end creating my typical deviant / bittersweet pictures.
Looks like the theme these days is: naked over-the-knee and young witnesses.
It's a bit early to share it now, but I'm confident it will be in your mailbox around next week-end. 

It looks like my motivation is always " imagine the worst situation ever ". This is what got me excited, not sure if this is pathetic or a good sign if my own pictures excited me like this ^^

Anyway, talk to you soon

EDIT: Dammit, can't make it on time! I want to re-work a few things. But hopefully it means one picture more. Sorry for this : )



Sunday, January 28, 2018

Traditional education, and the return of the Balls Pacifier

I never thought it would take me that long to post after the teaser below... sorry, that's my life outside the computer... 

Anyway! I'm happy to share my last creations, which are quite personal. You'll see that a few are about traditional France, one is about the 80s...  
It's also the return of the Balls Pacifier, which has already appeared a few times in these pages (you may look for it if you want to know more).
I hope you will enjoy these pictures, I know for some of you it's a kind of therapy coming after a rigid education during your youth... again, I hope you will like them.
For the VIPs, the private pictures will be in your mailbox today.



Friday, December 29, 2017

Back to forbidden pictures ; )

Just to let you know that I'm finishing my next update: matriarchy, spanking, the guiltiness of owning pictures of naked or half naked Ladies... I'm back to my old demons, again!
Something I have already discussed when I mentioned my old lingerie catalogues  , my dangerous past as a teen  or pictured many times in an old fashioned way like there for example.

I'm surprised how long it takes me from one update to another. One reason is that I have a precise idea of the next-door classy mothers / aunts I want, and Internet is not the endless magical hat you may think it is, people keep sharing the same material as each other and you have to dig deep for something you truly want.

Anyway, above is a glimpse of the corners of two of the three very large pictures almost finished. One will be public I think. 
Until then, you can always check the Barb pictures below this entry! ; )
Have a nice end of 2017,
Talk to you very soon : )


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Barbara O'Toole - NEW portfolio 13 !!

Again, what I admire the most is the classy / next door look of the women in charge. Also the attitude, the overall composition of the picture, the young and old witnesses, these are the details that make it works or not. 
" Devil is in the details " they say. Unfortunately for these young boys, the Devil is clearly working against them here.

In addition the titles of the images, and some witty details out of these little frames, give precious indications about the story behind these horrible moments.
My favorite is "Mother Suspicions". Because as you may know, the scenes I like the most are punishment caused by masturbation and/or owning pictures of half-naked Ladies. 

Mothers with moral values who protect their kids from depravation until they are 21... it is actually what my update seems to be about. Thank you for your patience! 

To make a donation and add these 10 new great pieces to your collection, just write directly to her :  b_o2l AT yahoo com



Sunday, October 29, 2017

" Wee like a little girl ", and other embarrassing moments

What do you think of these new pictures?

You lucky VIPs are also going to receive:
- the original colour version of Wee like a little girl, with the text.
Die sadistische Gouvernante.
- A lesson for today and forever, with J. Wilkins' text. Here is a short extract:

" Though young, Ms. Huckabee was a hard-core feminist of the old style. The whole neighborhood knew it. Mike knew it. A couple of his friends who had been “persuaded” to visit her knew it. Her latest worthy cause was an attempt to ensure that no boy in the neighborhood ever grew into another Harvey Weinstein. "

Hope you'll enjoy it all!!


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The small-willie Landlord

It's going to be a looong year : /
(and he better not count too much on the rent as well) 

I know I'll be super-busy until the end of this month, but in October the proper update (public plus private pics) is back !



Saturday, August 26, 2017

Street humiliation ( ballbusting )

More summer frustration : / 

( To have an idea what will happen next, why not have a glimpse at this old picture )